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Introduction to committee

Health & sex education student working committee is a school organization of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. Our job is to promote education of knowledge about health & sex by holding different kinds of activities in every year, such as talks, game booths, visits, etc. Throughout this year, we will hold different activities such as talks, display boards, model display, competitions, visits, game booths, etc.


Committee member list

Miss Cheung, Vivian --- Teacher adviser
Mrs. Ada Chan --- Teacher adviser
Leung Alex Chun Yin 6S1 (18) Chairman
Lau Tsz Lun 6S1 (17) Vice-chairman
Chow Chun Ho 4W (8) Activity manager
Fung Yu Hin James 4W (13) Activity manager
Lam Leung Man Calvin 4W (18) Activity manager
To Pak Ho Christopher 4W (33) Activity manager
Yang Timothy 4W (39) Activity manager
Chan Chun Yin Marcus 4Y (4) Activity manager
Chan Hiu Chung 4Y (10) Activity manager
Fan Derrick 4Y (14) Activity manager
Yiu Chester 4Y (37) Activity manager