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Theme 5 - Eye care

The fifth theme in this year is "Eye care".

Eye is one of the most important organs of us which is responsible for detecting light - thus giving us vision. Hence we must realize the importance of eye care. In order to protect our delicate and sensitive eyes, we should practise eye care on daily basis, such as preventing looking at the sun directly and limiting the time of watching TV.

Events in the Orique Month

In the "Eye care, I care" campaign, we will be organizing the following activities:

1 Charity Sale

2 KC Chan's Fai Chun Selling

3 Information counter and eye model display

4 Video display

5 "Experiencing Blindness"

6 Collection of Signatures

7 Eye dissection by Science Society


One of our highlights, "Experiencing blindness", allows our fellow schoolmates to have a blind lunch so as to experience the inconvenience caused by blindness.

It will be carried out on 20/1/09 (Tue), at the Lunch Time, in the Student Activity Centre (SAC). For those interested, please fill in the reply slip and hand it in to apply.


Also, please don't forget to give us a hand and donate for ORBIS through our fruitful and joyful activities!

If you would like to donate to the Orbis directly, please go to https://www.orbis.org/Default.aspx?cid=5856 for further details.

Wanna get involved in this wonderful campaign? Refer to the posters, banners and circulars published in the campus and join us!