Sports Scholars(2020-21)

(For Form One Entrants)




Purpose and Scope

Wah Yan is known for students who can excel in both sports and their academic studies. In fact, we put equal emphasis on academic learning and non-academic developmental experiences for each student as part of our vision to offer a holistic, liberating and transforming Catholic education. We believe that participation in sports activities can effectively develop not just healthy bodies and sports skills but also important generic attributes like perseverance, sense of responsibility, resilience, self-confidence, loyalty, teamwork, leadership, etc. The “Sports Scholars” scheme is launched to recognize Form One entrants who are exceptional in their holistic development, i.e. being not just outstanding in sports, but also very good to excellent in academic studies and exemplary in character formation with strong potentials to contribute to their community as leaders in their field. As sports training can be costly, awardees from needy families will also be offered financial support for their studies and trainings.





The Sports Scholars shall be awarded to Form one entrants who demonstrate:

  1. Outstanding sports performance

  2. Very good to excellent academic results

  3. Exemplary conduct, team spirit, sportsmanship and potentials in leadership.


Awardees will be designated “Sports Scholars”

Selection by

Skill test, interview and primary school records of academic achievements and conduct

Numbers of scholarships offer


Duration of the Award

Renewable annually for a maximum duration of 6 years

Renewal Conditions

Good attendance rate for training and satisfactory academic progress

Application deadline:

20th December 2019

Date of skill test*:

January 2020

Date of interview*:

January 2020

Date of release of results:



*For shortlisted applicants only.


How to apply

The application form can be downloaded from our website The form should be submitted with supporting documents to the General Office. Candidates not notified of the result by the end of March should consider that their application for the Sports Scholars unsuccessful.
1) Applicants should submit a separate application form for a Form One Discretionary Place (DP) at WYHK when the form is available for download in around mid-December, 2019 from our website.
2) Being conditionally conferred the title of “Sports Scholars” does not imply that the candidate has been given a Form One school place at WYHK.
3) Likewise, failing to being named a “Sports Scholar” does not imply that the applicant has been denied a Form One school place.