2003-2004 Annual Prize Presentation [10D][300D][G2][A40]

Mr. John Chan Sharing with Wahyanites

Teachers' Day

Athletic Meet - Finals

The Secretary of the EMB, Arthur Li, visits our school

Athletic Meet - Heats

Mid-Year Fiesta

Funeral Mass of Father O'Rourke, S.J.

X'mas Celebrations

School Fund-Raising Concert [Film] [Digital]

Art Exibition [Film] [Digital] [Digital 2]

F.5 Graduation Club Donates the Cheque

2003-2004 PTA AGM

Sir Donald Tsang Sharing With Wahyanites

2003 Speech Day [Digital] [Film]

2003 Lee's Scholarships for Languages [Digital] [Film]

2003 Outstanding Student Award

2003-2004 Class Photo [Film] [Digital]

School Football Team Vs SCAA

SDP Contract Signing Ceremony [G2] [10D]

Blood Donation

Annual Year Concert [10D] [G2] [A70]

Swimming Gala [10D] [G2] [A40]

ECA Recruitment

Form 1 Camp

HKSAR Teachers' Day

SA Cabinet Election

House Meeting