Jesuit Education Forum 2020

Millions around the world have counted themselves as grateful beneficiaries of Jesuit education. Whether they are graduates of Wah Yan or Jesuit schools and universities elsewhere, one can sense, by listening to them proudly recalling their learning experiences, that there are unique attributes common to the education they have received during their formative years.

What are the special features of Jesuit education? Find out at Jesuit Education Forum 2020!

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Address by the School Supervisor, Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J., at the School Opening Ceremony


29 August, 2020

Dear Wahyanites,

Welcome back! The College will start in the online mode on 1 September, 2020. On that morning, all young gentlemen are asked to log on your FTP Google Classroom at 8:25 am to attend your FTP and the School Opening Ceremony, which will last till 10:00 am. Online classes following our Online Learning Timetable will start on 2 September, 2020.

Let’s have another challenging yet purposeful school year together!

God bless,
Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

Dear Parents,


As we prepare to welcome the new academic year, we are to bid farewell to an extraordinarily difficult year with mixed emotions. I hope you and your family have had some much-needed rest. We are still in the midst of yet another wave of COVID-19 pandemic which has taken away numerous lives and damaged the health of many more. In addition, it has wreaked havoc on the human race by further causing personal, social and economic problems which jeopardize people’s livelihoods as well as emotional well-being. I pray that the pandemic can be brought under control soon and that God keeps watching over you and your loved ones, granting you strength to overcome and peace of heart to see a silver lining beyond the adversities.


Schooling during a pandemic of such a tricky nature is hugely challenging for teachers, students as well as parents. We have to make do with online teaching for extended periods despite it being less effective than a face-to-face setting in many respects. Many of our educators have faced these challenges as their learning opportunities with courage, passion, and creativity.


Another issue that has pained many and caused deep divisions in our community is the series of incidents related to the now withdrawn extradition bill. Here I would like to reiterate our wholehearted commitment to our mission of Jesuit education as this is about our youth and our future. In line with this commitment, we see our school as a place of learning. While “learning” has always been defined broadly in our tradition, our school is not a political organization or a platform for political maneuvering from any side. Thus, political activities such as class boycotts and propaganda of all sorts in our school are inappropriate as they distract us from our mission. As always, if such activities are being carried out in our school or outside but in the school name or uniform by our students, we shall follow them up in the way inspired by the Jesuit ethos of cura personalis that includes listening, dialogue, guidance and other educational means. We would like to seek your understanding and cooperation in this regard.


In times of great divisions infused with strong emotions, we shall do our utmost to enable every single member of our school to feel safe, welcome, and included regardless of their backgrounds or viewpoints. By upholding our spirit of “unity in plurality” and “men for and with others”, we shall continue to help our students learn to be empathic with others’ needs, ideas and feelings. Such is the foundation for open and fraternal listening, dialogue, respectful acceptance and, hopefully, eventual reconciliation.


In the face of complex social and political controversy, our long-held tradition of nurturing our students into reflective and discerning gentlemen implies that they adopt a thoughtful and inquisitive attitude towards complex political issues, instead of rushing into any particular position. They should be extremely careful about legal and other serious consequences of their actions for themselves as well as others. With the National Security law and the National Anthem Ordinance recently promulgated as well as the laws related to the national flag and emblem, let us work together to guide our young gentlemen to take note of their words and deeds. It is always our aim to help students become responsible, respectful, and caring members of the communities they belong to, whether it be our school, our locality, our nation, or the world, and nurturing their national identity along the line of Catholic social teachings will continue to form part of our educational work. Furthermore, we want to help our gentlemen see that it is basic human decency to be sensitive to and respectful of symbols that represent anyone’s national identity.


Our students are growing up in an unprecedentedly challenging time and we see it as our duty to provide all the support they need. Our Form Teachers, Counselling Team members (consisting of psychologists, social workers, counselling teachers and professionals), Pastoral Team members, as well as our School Chaplain and other Jesuits are always ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the aforementioned persons directly or via our general line 25722251 / if you need assistance.


Allow me to finish this letter with our School Prayer:


O Lord Jesus, be with me all through today to help me to live as I ought to live.

Be with me at my lessons, so that I may grow in knowledge and never give up any task, no matter how hard and difficult it is, until I have tried my best.

Be with me at my games, so that, whether I win or lose, I may play fair, and if I win I may not boast, and if I lose I may not make excuses.

Be with me in my pleasure, so that I may enjoy your gifts and never use them selfishly or to hurt others.

Be with me in my home, so that I may be kind and considerate, and that I may try to make the work of others easier and not harder.

Be with me in the streets, so that I may be a credit to my school and to those who love me and to myself

Be with me in my disappointments and sufferings, so that I may have strength to overcome my problems and accept my pain with courage and cheerfulness.

Help me to be the kind of person you want me to be.

This I ask for your love's sake. Amen.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J.              Dr. Davis Chan

School Supervisor                             Principal


22 August, 2020

Dear Parents of our F1 Freshmen,

Once again, welcome to the WYHK community. Hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you are excitedly waiting for an exciting secondary school life.

As you should be aware, according to EDB’s instructions, schools will start with eLearning until further announcement. So, we need to shift our F.1 Orientation to an online mode. Details of the arrangement of the online F.1 Orientation on next Saturday morning (29 August, 2020) will be sent to you next Tuesday (25 August, 2020). The form teachers of your sons will also give your son a call to greet and welcome him next week. Details of the arrangement of our eLearning and setup of related eLearning platforms and accounts will be explained.

Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you online on 29 August, 2020.

God bless,
Wah Yan College, Hong Kong


End-of-year Messages from Fr. Stephen CHOW, S.J., Fr. Clement TSUI, S.J. and Dr. Davis Chan






我們謹此呼籲,各位家長和華仁之友,支持將於2020年10月31日在九龍華仁書院舉行的 “創造世界紀錄”活動,這亦是百周年校慶慶典壓軸項目。透過 “眾籌” 模式的捐款,您們的支持將有助維持兩所華仁的優質教育,並惠及1萬名需要幫助的”老友記”。

隨函附上募捐信和活動海報供 各位家長好友參考。請為在校的華仁仔提供支持,每一分一毫都尤為重要!查詢請致電9321 6011。非常感謝您對華仁的支持。



Dear Parents and Friends of Wah Yan,

First and foremost, may we wish you and your beloved good health amidst the pandemic and please stay safe.

Our incomes stalemated following the onset of social events since last June. The 2020 pandemic stopped schooling and other social activities, not to mention our anniversaries celebration and fundraising events. With a draining reserve, we will not be able to sustain small class teaching and whole-person development activities for pupils in a year or two. Our Schools have to downsize their teaching resources, and we are breaking our promise to teachers and pupils.

Despite these challenges, Wah Yans have been holding tight their duties and missions by providing guidance and assurances to our pupils, so that they can focus on pursuing academic excellence and personal development. Recently, the external report by the Education Bureau (EDB) commanded that our Schools have been performing satisfactorily in open examinations and our pupils were composed, courteous and helpful as ever.

Parents and friends, we are calling upon you to support and come back to join a World Record Creation Event, the finale of the 100/95th Anniversaries Celebration, on 31 October 2020 at Wah Yan College, Kowloon.

By making a humble donation, you will help us sustain the quality education at the Schools, and benefit 10,000 elderlies in need.

We enclose the event appeal and poster for considerations and circulation. Please render your support for our young Wahyanites and every cent counts! Call 9321 6011 if you need more information. Thank you very much again for supporting Wah Yan.

Monty Fong


Wah Yan One Family Foundation Limited

請按以下連結下載捐款表格 Please download the donation form via the following link:









Sharing by Fr. Clement TSUI, S.J.


Message from Fr. General:


The Apostolic Blessing on the 100th Anniversary of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong :


Message from our in-house psychologists:

Message from our in-house psychologists:


Blessings from Father General on WYHK 100th and WYK 95th Anniversaries

Notwithstanding a humble start a hundred years ago ¡V from a fledgling school of just two teachers and some 20 students, transcending into two of the leading Jesuit boys¡¦ schools, locally and internationally ¡V with a cherished history of nurturing men for and with others for almost a century, Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, and Wah Yan College, Kowloon are celebrating their 100th and 95th anniversaries this year.

On this momentous occasion, we are honoured to receive blessings from Father General Arturo Sosa, S.J. from the fullness of His grace.

As we celebrate amid the signs of the times, we shall always keep in mind that our anniversaries never happen as an independent event ¡V it is the culmination of determination, courage and vision of our predecessors, synthesized with the effort made by the same visionary, courageous and determined succeeding generations. In the next century and beyond, we shall continue nurturing men of human excellence and forming men for and with others, with vision, courage and determination, while upholding our distinctive WahYan-esque values.




Appointment of new Principal and Assistant Supervisor (effective 1st September, 2019)

Announcement by Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J.

Self Introduction by Dr. Davis Chan

F5 OLE music seminar - the Russian Balalaika

Presentation by Mr Lai, VP to Mr Denys Knchiev and Ms Aesrie Lee

Ms Aesrie Lee introduces the balalaika Demonstration by Mr Denys Knchiev

Spanish Immersion Tour to San Sebastian 2019

A group of 20 students of our Spanish courses, led by Mr. John B. Lam, went on a tour in Spain to take a 3-week Spanish immersion course from 14 July ¡V 5 August. They spent the first 2 weeks at an international Spanish camp in the suburb of San Sebastian and the third week living with host families in the town centre. They had Spanish lessons in the mornings and activities in the afternoons. Apart from studies and activities, they visited the city of San Sebastian, Bilbao, Hondarribia and Loyola in northern Spain and also crossed the border to visit Hendaye, Saint Jean de Luz and Biatrizz in France. One of the highlights of the tour was a visit to Loyola, the birthplace of St Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, on his feast day, 31 July. It was an unprecedented and historic visit made by Wahyanites to the sanctuary of Loyola in celebration of WYCHK¡¦s centenary

A brief stop at the outside of the Stadium of Real Madrid and its souvenir shop is a must for our soccer aficionados.

At the entrance to the glamorous Royal Palace Madrid.

The statue of Bear & Tree at Puerta de Sol is the iconic symbol of Madrid

Queueing up to enter this magnificent modern art museum of Guggenheim at Bilbao.

A group photo taken at the end of the Spanish Camp can always rekindle memories of the good time with new friends abroad.

Nothing could have been better than paying a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Loyola on St Ignatius¡¦ feast day, 31 July 2019 to celebrate the centenary of WYCHK.
A historic photo of Wahyanites!

Nothing could have been better than paying a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Loyola on St Ignatius¡¦ feast day, 31 July 2019 to celebrate the centenary of WYCHK.
A historic photo of Wahyanites!

A day trip to Biatrizz, an elegant French seaside town, where G7¡¦s summit meeting was held on 24-26 August 2019.

Lecture on Matteo Ricci at Ricci Hall, HKU (9 Apr 2019)

/attachments/article/361/123 .JPG

Group photo of all participants Prof. Lau Chi-pang delivering a lecture on Matteo Ricci Wahyanites participating the lecture

Mid-night Mass 2018 - 25th December, 2018

/attachments/article/348/Midnight Mass 2018 1.jpg /attachments/article/348/Midnight Mass 2018 2.jpg
Midnight Mass 2018 1 Midnight Mass 2018 2

Trade Fair of JA Company Programme at Chater Garden in Central (15th December 2018) the guidance of business advisors from Bloomberg,L.P., our students formed and operated a JA company, GROUNDE..JPG

Under the guidance of business advisors from Bloomberg,L.P., our students formed and operated a JA company, GROUNDE.

GROUNDE staff with our school principal, Dr. So. Our students were explaining their product details, company mission and vision to the customers in the Trade Fair.

Hungary Exchange Programme Visit to Hong Kong 9 Sept to 19 Sept 2018
Hong Kong and Hungarian participants of the programme Let's make some mooncakes together! Our student introducing Hong Kong to our guests


Our Junior Choir performing at the 130th Anniversary of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception 27 Oct 2018
Group Photo of the Junior Choir Members of the Junior Choir with his Most Reverend Michael Yeung Ming Cheung, Bishop of Hong Kong Our Junior Choir performing in the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Hungary Exchange Programme 20 April to 30 April

/attachments/article/361/13.jpeg	/attachments/article/361/Good morning gentlemen!.JPG
Good morning gentlemen! Learning in progress Practising Hungarian folk dance


Participating in social services - 16th and 23rd Mar, 2018

/attachments/article/361/4.jpg /attachments/article/361/5.jpg /attachments/article/361/6.jpg
Participating in social services at Food Angel's workplace Visiting street sleepers A short briefing for our students

Various Music Competitions - from Feb to Apr 2018

/attachments/article/361/Members of our String Orchestra.jpg /attachments/article/361/Outstanding performance in String Quartet.jpg
Members of our Chinese Ensemble Members of our String Orchestra Outstanding performance in String Quartet

Hong Kong Heritage Trail 22 April 2018

/attachments/article/348/At Man Mo Temple.JPG /attachments/article/348/Wahyanites of three generations enjoying the famous cane juice at 60 Hollywood Road!.JPG /attachments/article/348/'Where's the tank'.JPG
At Man Mo Temple Wahyanites of three generations enjoying the famous cane juice at 60 Hollywood Road! 'Where's the tank'

Environmental Talk

/attachments/article/348/A special guest.JPG /attachments/article/348/Every one was so excited!.JPG /attachments/article/348/I know the answer!.jpg
A special guest Every one was so excited! I know the answer!

Ricci Heritage Trip to Macau 3 March 2018

/attachments/article/348/Our.JPG 	/attachments/article/348/Presenting .JPG /attachments/article/348/Visiting the Saint Joseph's Seminary and Church -.JPG
Our students attending a mini-lecture about Matteo Ricci at the Matteo Ricci Institute Presenting souvenir to Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang of Macau Visiting the Saint Joseph's Seminary and Church

Wah Yan High Table Dinner 2018

/attachments/article/348/Our student representative giving the vote of thanks.jpg /attachments/article/348/Our Vice-Principal Mr. Lai presenting a souvenir to the Guest of Honour, Prof. John P. Burns.jpg /attachments/article/348/Say Cheese!.jpg
Our student representative giving the vote of thanks Our Vice-Principal Mr. Lai presenting a souvenir to the Guest of Honour, Prof. John P. Burns

Say Cheese!

Midnight Mass

/attachments/article/348/IMG_0531.jpg /attachments/article/348/IMG_0532.jpg /attachments/article/348/IMG_0534.jpg

JA Speed Mentoring Program - Bloomberg L.P (Nov 14)

Form 5 BAFS students joined the Speed Mentoring Program, organized by Junior Achievement Hong Kong in Central office of Bloomberg L.P

/attachments/article/348/Group photo with Bloomberg mentors.jpg /attachments/article/348/Our BAFS student having a video confernce with students from different Asian cities.png /attachments/article/348/Speed mentoring session.jpg

Group photo with Bloomberg mentors

Our BAFS student having a video confernce with students from different Asian cities

Speed mentoring session

Talk by Dr. Simon Shen Xu Hui on the ¡¥Virtual World¡¦ in International Relations on 17 Nov 2017

/attachments/article/348/Dr. So, our principal, expressing his appreciation.JPG /attachments/article/348/Dr. Shen delivering his talk1.JPG /attachments/article/348/Our students asking questions eagerly.JPG

Dr. So, our principal, expressing his appreciation

Dr. Shen delivering his talk

Our students asking questions eagerly

Mass of Convocation for the new Academic Year

/attachments/article/348/Jesuit Fathers saying prayers.JPG /attachments/article/348/May God bless our new student leaders.JPG /attachments/article/348/Wahyanite Altar Servers.JPG

Jesuit Fathers saying prayers

May God bless our new student leaders

Wahyanite Altar Servers

Interschool Swimming Competition 2017

	/attachments/article/348/Brotherhood.JPG /attachments/article/348/The team.JPG /attachments/article/348/We are the champions!.JPG


The team

We are the champions!

Caritas Bazaar 2017

/attachments/article/348/Dr. So, our principal, supporting our boys.jpg /attachments/article/348/A visit by Bishop Michael Yeung.jpg /attachments/article/348/Fr. Rev. Stephen Chow S.J. and Fr. Rev. Clement Tsui S.J. paying a visit to our stall in the rain.jpg

Dr. So, our principal, supporting our boys

A visit by Bishop Michael Yeung

Fr. Rev. Stephen Chow S.J. and Fr. Rev. Clement Tsui S.J. paying a visit to our stall in the rain

01.11.17 Workshop seminar with The Sousaphonics and with Brass Ensemble

/attachments/article/348/The Sousaphonics.jpg /attachments/article/348/Student demonstration.jpg /attachments/article/348/Brass Ensemble workshop.jpg

The Sousaphonics

Student Demonstration

Brass Ensemble workshop

28.10.17 Wah Yan Junior Boys' Choir Sacred Music Evening Prayer Concert at St Joseph's Seminary Macau

/attachments/article/348/WYJBC Sacred Music Evening Prayer Concert (1).jpg 	/attachments/article/348/WYJBC Group photo at the Ruins of St Paul.jpg /attachments/article/348/WYJBC Group photo at St Joseph Seminary and Church after the Prayer Concert.jpg

WYJBC Sacred Music Evening Prayer Concert

WYJBC Group photo at the Ruins of St Paul

WYJBC Group photo at St Joseph Seminary and Church after the Prayer Concert